Congratulations to Prince William and Kate (now Catherine) Middleton! I'm sure it won't surprise you to know that the Brides team is very excited about the prospect of a royal wedding next year and have been keeping our eyes and ears peeled for all the latest updates. Here, so far, are the key facts

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The proposal: Prince Will popped the question in October whilst they were staying in one of the very basic Rutundu Log Cabins at the base of Mount Kenya. Kate scribbled in the guest book that the stay was 'so romantic' - hardly surprising when you're in the wilderness and the future King of England has dropped to one knee.

The ring: Kate has been given Princess Diana's engagement ring, as William wanted his mother to be involved in some way. The oval 18-carat blue sapphire ring surrounded by 14 diamonds was worth £28,000 when it was bought by Prince Charles back in 1981.

The venue: The newlyweds had a tough choice: St Paul's Cathedral, the location for the ill-fated wedding of his parents, Charles and Diana; or Westminster Abbey where his mother's funeral was held. Sightings of Kate coming out of Westminster last week suggested the latter, before the Abbey was finally confirmed as the venue on Tuesday November 23.

The date: After much speculation, the date was finally confirmed as Friday April 29 2011, which David Cameron has declared a national holiday. So we'll all get to watch the big day whilst sipping tea/champagne from our Kate and Wills commemorative mugs.

The dress: Bookies have named Phillipa Lepley as the most likely person to design the royal gown, although nothing has been officially announced. Whoever it is will almost certainly be a British designer; you can't marry into the monarchy without showing a bit of support for the country!