Found your venue but wondering how to dress it? Take your cues from Oasis Events, which has transformed all kinds of venues, from garages and village halls to grand properties such as The Dorchester hotel and Kensington Palace. The company can cater to any size, any budget and any theme - whether you're after an exotic Bedouin-style setting draped with rich fabrics, or you want a winter wonderland backdrop. They'll organise everything from the linings to the lighting, furniture, plants and heating.

Here, Dany Fremantle at Oasis Events offers his top three money-saving tips:

1) Use a local village hall or a simple barn rather than a marquee, and then wow your guests with a stunning transformation.
2) Booking off-season often allows for discounts (Oasis is offering 10 per cent off bookings for January, February and March 2011).
3) Paying in full in advance of the VAT rise will save you 2.5%.

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