More ideas to keep your wedding budget in check...

10 months to go
Dress and accessories
• Be strict: Don't try on dresses outside your price range; you'll only be disappointed or be tempted to go over your budget.
• Keep it simple: The more elaborate the design, the more you'll pay.
• Shop around: Once you've found your dream dress, call other bridal shops and compare prices. 'Prices differ and some shops will offer things like free fittings or a free veil with the purchase of the dress,' says Jenna Keller at Jennabelle Events.
• Hit the sales: Snap up your dream dress for less at an out-of-season sale - most bridal designers and bridal shops have them.
• Choose shoes you can wear again: Have them dyed after the day to create gorgeous evening shoes.
• Shop for less: Many high-street shops have affordable dress and shoe collections. Try Dune (, Bhs (, Debenhams ( and New Look (
• Borrow accessories: Don't buy headpieces, tiaras or jewellery you won't wear again - ask friends and family and make it your borrowed item.