More ideas to keep your wedding budget in check...

Jean Cazals

11 months to go
• Go digital: Save-the-date emails are easy on your purse and better for the environment. Save the postage costs for your invitations - or go fully digital with e-invites and a wedding website for RSVPs.

Food and drink
• Compare prices: A hot buffet might be cheaper than a sit-down meal.
• Combine courses: Cut your cake before dinner and serve it as dessert.
• Scale down: 'If your reception costs are escalating beyond your budget, have an afternoon tea or cocktail reception instead,' says wedding planner Siobhan Craven-Robbins (
• BYO: Ask your venue if you can bring your own wine and champagne - even with corkage, you can still save.
• Lose the top-notch fizz: Serve punch at your cocktail reception. 'Make it up in a big punch bowl with a ladle, and give the drink a name,' says Jenna Keller from Jennabelle Events.
• Shop smart: The festive season is ripe for great drinks deals.
• Take a booze cruise: Hop across the channel and fill up with cheap drinks.
• Hire glasses for free: Waitrose (, Morrisons ( and Majestic ( offer this service when you order drinks through them.