On the off-chance that you have the day off on the 24th (or simply because you may need a good reason to take it off!) The wonderful Argentine restaurant Gaucho is hosting International Polo at the O2 Arena on the February 24. Some of the finest entertainment will be on show with three world-class international matches culminating in the historic match between EFG's England and Camino Real's Argentina for the Churchill Cup. What more could a girl ask for as the perfect excuse for pre-wedding distraction or even the start of a great hen night?

There will also be live music, fashion shows, a retail village and food and drink stalls to add to the festival atmosphere but if you want to go all out why not indulge in one of the more luxurious packages which include a full Argentine experience, lunch or dinner at the Gaucho O2 which is just opposite the arena. And so you have it; mouth-watering entertainment for women everywhere!

Tickets from £25, 0844 277 4321 www.ticketmaster.com