Securing a good wedding caterer is an important part of the wedding planning process, but don't overlook these little DIY ideas for making your food and drink look and taste extra special:

- Make fruit jam in advance of your wedding day and decant into mini screw-lid jars. Add bespoke labels from GursonCurse at ( and give to your guests as a wedding favour.

- Create a DIY cocktail bar at your venue for the evening party. Ask your bridesmaids and ushers to bring a bottle of their favourite spirit and display on a table along with mixers and a variety of glassware, fun stirrers, shakers etc. Print out menus of your favourite cocktails for guests to make themselves. is a good place to find all the classic cocktail recipes.

- Order iced cupcakes from your baker and decorate yourself with sprinkles and decorations from If you are feeling really creative, make little flags from squares of pretty wrapping paper and glue to cocktails sticks before adding one to each cupcake.

- Make a feature of your wedding cake table by dressing it with a coloured tablecloth and scattering fresh rose petals or tea lights around the cake. has a good selection. Hang paper lanterns above to create an elegant backdrop for the photograph of your cake cutting moment.

- Personalise paper napkins by hand-stamping your names and wedding date on to them with coloured ink. You can order personalised stamps from Pop a stack of napkins on the end each canapé tray.