What's not to like about a Chanel bag. Isn't it the most aspirational bag ever? Ask any fashion-conscious (or non-fashion conscious for that matter!) girl on the street or any movie star, model, celebrity of any kind and yes, everyone would love a Chanel bag. Including me. And everyone I work with in Vogue House. See - the list is endless! So I am excited to tell you Chanel have launched a new collection called 'Mademoiselle' available from this March. Including six styles in numerous colours and fabrics prices are from £1,380. I am telling you in advance to give you enough notice to a) get saving b) get your name on that waiting list... there's bound to be one! c) have enough time to think for who and why would you buy one - wedding gift to self? That would be me. Or even a subtle hint to your future husband might to do the trick. Something for your honeymoon trousseau? Fabulous gift to your mother for helping you with the wedding? Or even just a cheer-up gift to self post wedding blues/celebration now you are a Mrs. Nothing says grown-up and sophisticated like a bit of Chanel on your arm! Find out more at www.chanel.co.uk