This time of year can be so exhausting; the cold weather combined with wedmin can be enough to drive even the most enthusiastic bride-to-be to distraction. Personally I've been avoiding writing my 'Information Sheet' with almost religious fervour, happily choosing any activity above the mendacity of wedmin with huge success in fact!
So it was with great joy that I heard of the Forte Village Spa Festival starting at the Urban Retreat at Harrods. From now until March 27, the 'World's Leading Resort', the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia has flown over its very best therapists to pamper exhausted Londoners in need of some Mediterranean TLC. The treatments are all inspired by the luxurious marine-based philosophy behind the world-class Sardinian spa, and range from Honey & Salt Terme del Mare (which involves 50 minutes of exfoliation and nourishing honey to leave your skin sumptuously soft to touch and you completely relaxed), to the Fortissimamente Forte Massage (50 minutes of being pummelled in the nicest way to un-knot tired muscles and leave you feeling like a new woman!). There are many other treatments that are too good to resist so I suggest working your way through the menu. At the very least it's a wonderful, welcome haven from the joys of wedding planning!

Treatments from £50; call 020 7893 8333 or visit for more information.