It seems Kate Middleton's wedding hair is the hot topic on everyone's radar right now: like the Grand Old Duke of York, will it go up, down, half-way up or half-way down? And who's the lucky hairstylist doing the 'do?
Today, Brides can reveal that it is not the presumed Richard Ward who owns the eponymous salon Kate regularly visits, but in fact his senior stylist James Pryce and a selection of 'dressers'.
James, who does Kate's blow-dries including her engagement coiffure, will be prepping her hair on the wedding day to get it ready for her chosen style. A selection of 'dressers' are currently trialling several looks on Kate but it's thought she will opt for a half-up half-down.
Brides' beauty editor Alice du Parcq says it's not just a case of pinning it up: "She'll undoubtedly be wearing a veil and a tiara so you need some kind of structure in the hair to hold those in place. The veil's comb needs to be fixed into a knot so that it stays put and doesn't slide out. With a half-up style you have less hair to construct that knot with, so her stylists will be trying out the best shapes and placements for it. Too high and she'll look like a Disney Princess, too low and she'll look old-fashioned. Then we've got the tiara situation. Tiaras look best when they sit against the hair, rather than on the hair, so Kate will need a little bit of backcombing at the top of the head to create a background for the tiara. We're not talking beehives here! Just a soft way to give the hair volume and sturdiness and to balance out the whole look. I do hope she does go for a half-up 'do because her hair is so gorgeous - it's her signature - and it would be a shame to roll it all up and hide it under a veil. They need to make it modern and clean and fresh, because sometimes half-up 'dos can look a bit "spaniel's ears" and dated. Richard's team are amazing and I can't wait to see the final style."

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