As I lay in bed at 11pm last night emailing the boy a wedding to-do list that I'd just been harassing him about, I thought, 'Oh dear, my, uhum... our wedding is taking over my life.'

Carolyn Barber

It's all too easy. After all they say it's the BIGGEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE and if you are anything like me you want it to go just perfectly. So, although I have heeded none of them, here are my tips to stop your wedding completely taking over your life to the point that you end up emailing to-do lists to you fiancé who is lying in bed next to you.

1. Do not use your work email address for wedding correspondence. It's just too distracting for those of us with only a slight tendency towards procrastination. Set up a new account and only check it when you actually have time to deal with it. That way you'll also be one of those organised people with folders of emails from the florist, caterer etc and not frantically searching through weeks with of work emails looking for your florist's contract because you forgot to print it out...

2. Go out of the office at lunchtime. Do not just sit looking through wedding blogs and scouring websites for a heart hole punch for your hour break that soon turns into rather longer (note to bosses, I never do this really....).

3. Designate time for wedding chat with your mum and fiancé (and probably not at the same time!), so that she isn't constantly calling you about how you are planning to wear your hair or if the venue has disabled parking for your gran, and you aren't constantly harassing your fiancé about whether he's booked first night accommodation. I have a friend who has 'Wedding Wednesday' wih her fiancé and she still seems sane.

4. Do not talk about the wedding with your fiancé in bed. I have never come across a bigger sex killer in my life.

5. If you are getting married out of town from where you live, try to double up appointments with florists, your venue or caterer. That way you are not spending every weekend there and every spare penny that's not going on the wedding on petrol.

6. Meet up with friends who aren't getting married. It's a bonus having friends planning their wedding at the same time as you (four of mine are at the moment) but it does mean everytime we meet up it involves a wine fuelled discussion of guestlists or our other halves planning shortcomings. Meet up with friends whose every second sentence isn't about the wedding, and talk about TOWIE, the state of the Middle East or your secret crush on Simon Pegg.