Want to create a really magical atmosphere at your reception, without busting the budget? Then it's all about candles - and lots of them! Put them in different sized vases and storm lanterns placed around your venue; arrange them en masse to brighten dark corners and illuminate mantelpieces and entrances; and dot tea-light votives across your tables to ramp up the romance when lights go down. Ikea (www.ikea.com) is a great one-stop shop for low-cost candles, lanterns and candleholders (think: 99p for four glass tea-light holders; £1.89 for 100 tea-lights; and £9.19 for a glass block-candle lantern). If you want to add scent and colour to your illuminations, try Yankee Candle (www.yankeecandle.co.uk), which has candles in an array of sizes, hues and deliciously named scents (Vanilla Lime, Strawberry Buttercream and Country Lemonade, to name a few). From £7.75 for a small jar.

Jeremy Enness