The most iconic bride of all time? Surely Grace Kelly. OK, so it's an obvious choice, but the fact that her exquisite lace, tulle and silk-taffeta dress looks as stylish today as it did in 1956 says it all. No wonder Kate Middleton's gown gave a nod to this classic look. If you want to bring some old-school chic to your big day, then check out Vintage Weddings by Marnie Fogg (Carlton Books, £25).

This new coffee-table book looks back at wedding garb through the decades, from belle époque elegance in Edwardian times - think high-waisted, delicately embroidered dresses and voluminous veils - through Thirties tea dresses, heirloom tiaras and Art-Deco detailing, to modern-day creations by designers such as Phillipa Lepley, Bruce Oldfield and Marchesa.

There's also a great section that provides inspiration by era. So, if you're going for a Twenties-style celebration, you might want to serve Sidecar cocktails and have white orchid floral arrangements. And if Seventies disco glitz is more your thing, Saturday Night Fever could provide the perfect inspiration, while the decor may come in the form of wild-flower ceramic jugs, Moroccan lanterns and homemade bunting. Enjoy!