If there is one thing that every bride-to-be is obsessed with after the details and dress, its diet and exercise. Losing that troublesome half stone is a woman-wide obsession and nothing kicks you into action to actual do something about it like 120 pairs of eyes soon to be on you, wearing white.

Like most engaged girls, a happy relationship and moving in together led to my steely 'no carbs' policy softening - baked salmon and steamed veg just didn't cut it against Pete's amazing four-meat spag bol. And another half stone crept on.

But the secret no one tells you is that there's no use having your wedding date as your shape-up end-date. No one wants to do a Coleen Rooney and have a gaping dress hanging off your now smaller frame on the big day. No, you have to lose the weight before your dress fittings - which for me is, erm, the beginning of July. Where have all the months gone?

So I'm taking a two-pronged attack to this last ditch effort - cardio in the shape of running as much as humanly possible (I did a 10k last year... how difficult can it be to get back up to speed?) and toning: so thank god a new Ten Pilates (www.tenpilates.com) opened last week across the road from the office. They even have a one-month bridal package with 10 classes and two personal training classes, which is looking rather tempting.

Will I make it in time? Here's hoping. Although somehow I don't think next week's 'one year since our engagement there' trip to Glastonbury is going to work wonders with the plan, unless dancing to Beyoncé counts as exercise...