I feel like I've turned the corner of the wedding planning track into the home straight this week. Less than six weeks to go to the wedding! And what did I do? Panic. Madly panic.

But there was still so much to do! Menus to confirm, readings to choose, suits to hire and erm, table names to decide upon (maybe I should focus on more essential tasks). So the time had come to resort.... to a SPREADSHEET.

Now if any other madly panicking bride to be would like to follow my spreadsheet suit here's what I've done: each element (ceremony, food, marquee, dress etc) down the left hand column. Next to each: suppliers name. Across again: total cost. Next: deposit paid. Lastly: when final payment is due. Already my knotted ball of wedding thoughts was untangling. Then under each section a 'to do' list on decisions still to be made or things still to buy/hire.

The main thing that got thrown up from this - Pete still didn't have anything to wear. Typical.

He'd decided on grey morning suit. He'd decided upon this ages ago. So off we went last weekend to try and get him one. First stop, Marks and Spencer (www.marksandspencer.com) where you can buy a very slick looking 'slim fit' grey morning suit for £200. Sadly it didn't quite fit Pete but if you are looking for an off-the-peg morning suit (they have traditional black jacket/stripe trouser ones as well) it is well worth the look.

Next stop, the hire option: Austin Reed's Q hirewear (www.qhirewear.co.uk).

"Do you have an appointment?" was our greeting. Er, no. This was not a good start. "Well take a seat and I'll try and fit you in." Five minutes later it was Pete's turn at the tape measure. "When's the event date?" "Er, August 20," Pete proffered. There was a sharp intake of breath. "Oh that's very soon. It's grey morning suit season, so stock is really low... you'll be lucky." Great, just great. The depressing diatribe continued covering the fact he couldn't reserve suits and that we had to order all the party's suits at the same time (one of Pete's usher's was on holiday, one lived in Mexico and my brother - who was filling the father-of-the-bride shoes - was somewhere travelling in Eastern Europe).

Eventually the stand off was broken when tears started welling in my eyes and measurements were starting to be taken. "I'll check on the system... you might be lucky." He started keying in the details: "So what are you going to do if its not available?" "I. Don't. Know," I said through gritted teeth.

I think that scared him as he continued to tap in silence. "Right, you're in luck." We'll take it! Order it now! The ushers will just have to wear something vaguely grey morning suit like! My heart started beating again...

Well at least that was one thing ticked off the to-do list. And I could focus again on coming up with enough areas of Glastonbury (where we got engaged) to name our tables after...