Vera Wang is synonymous with bridal gowns, fashion and classic beauty.

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Recently interviewed by Selma Day for Mayfair Times, the fashion designer spoke about her inspiration for her bridal designs and reinventing the vocabulary of weddings.

Raised in New York, Vera Wang worked in Vogue for 17 years; worked with her father developing property; and ran the American Vogue office in Paris, before becoming the design director for Ralph Lauren accessories and starting her own company in 1990.

It wasn't until she became engaged that she entered the bridal world: "I was 40 and it all just felt very commodity driven, there was nothing I could relate to. It was an identifiable area where I thought I could make a difference because I was bringing a bridal aesthetic but also a fashion aesthetic."

Since then her clean-cut, simple and elegant dresses have gained her global acclaim and made her a favourite among celebrities.

"We've grown globally and, although we do ready-to-wear, the bridal that's transcended everything - probably because of the celebrities that wear them," says Vera.

Famous stars who have walked down the aisle in Vera Wang designs include Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Ivanka Trump, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Chelsea Clinton and most recently, actress and model Kim Kardashian, who wore a Vera Wang dress for her wedding to New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries.

"I think through the years, we've really tried to reinvent the vocabulary of weddings. I know when I first did a strapless dress in 1994, people were laughing at me - but now, I'd say globally 90 per cent of the sales are strapless gowns."

Vera Wang has also recently opened her standalone London store at 59 Brook Street - a partnership with Brown Bride - and exclusively dedicated to Vera Wang wedding dresses.

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