Losing weight can be a big challenge, especially if you find working out and spending hours in the gym to be dull and boring.

Santhosh Dance is a new fitness concept that takes on the challenge of cardio-vascular exercise and makes it fun: burning calories to the rhythm of Latin dance music and toning up your muscles whilst releasing endorphins to make you happy.

The name itself sums up its philosophy of promoting 'happiness' or 'Santhosh' in Sanskrit.

The popular dance classes take place four times a week in Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, and will be opening the Santhosh Dance and Arts Academy off High Street Kensington this December.

For those who are looking to make a hen-do out of it can enjoy the Santhosh dance retreats to Ibiza on a five day retreat of healthiness and fun. 

Travel to Casa La Vista in the North of the Spanish island and enjoy three hours of dancing per day, combined with other activities such as hiking, relaxing by the sea or in the infinity pool and eating healthy meals.

Santhosh dance retreats in Ibiza start from £1,650 and include accommodation, food and drink, a massage and exercise classes. To book visit www.santhoshdance.com

For more information about the dance classes in London visit www.santhoshdance.com/#/dance/