The Most Romantic Groom

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The Most Romantic Groom
Kip Meyer

We've been taken aback by the number of entries we received for our search for the Hottest Groom and engagement stories. Now we are searching for 'the most romantic groom'!

Do you think your man is worthy of this title? If so, we want to hear about him!

We'll shortlist the best entries who'll appear here on the Brides website, where the nation will be able to vote for their favourite to be crowned as one of our Most Romantic Groom champions!

Submit your swoon-worthy proposal by September 2nd 2014 -  Shortlisted entries will be listed then and voting will commence! 

To enter submit your engagement story here and then email us a picture of your fiancé along with your full contact details (including your home address) and wedding date to

Enter now for your chance to win!



Terms & Conditions:

Entry is restricted to couples, both aged 18 or older and resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland, neither of whom are employees of Condé Nast Publications Limited or in any way connected with the promotion. The organisers reserve the right to verify the eligibility to enter. The finalist fiancés will be chosen by the editor, whose decision is final; no correspondence will be entered into. The promotion will be governed by English Law. There is no cash alternative and the prize is non-transferable and is subject to availability. The eventual competition winner is chosen at the sole discretion of Condé Nast to be selected by the Editor and an expert panel of judges who will consider the number of likes in their deliberation. Entry implies the entrants can and do authorise that the entrants' photographs and wedding details feature on the Brides website, Facebook page, Twitter and in Brides magazine.



  • What a romantic story and shows SO much advance planning which would be just what his future bride had ever hoped for........

    • Pamela Watson
    • 19 November 2011
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  • How do I vote? Im going fro number 2 as my dad means so much to me! x

    • Amy
    • 05 December 2011
    • Reply
  • I met my now fiance' at the college where we both work, we had never met each and probably never would have if it weren't for a troubled student whom my fiance' helped out of a difficult time and then referred onto myself as I am the College mentor, so we always laugh about how we owe it all to this lad. We went away this Christmas with my parents and brother on a skiing holiday, we arrived late Christmas eve so we went straight to bed, he woke me in the morning and said "you have to come out to the balcony and see the view its magnificent", to which I did all bleary eyed. I stepped out onto the snowy balcony and was blown away by the view of the snow covered mountain we were afoot of it was breathtaking!! Adam started talking about how much he loved me and how happy he was and I nodded away saying yes me too, but was mesmerised by the view, I then turned round to see Adam on his knee covered in snow clutching a beautiful wooden box, I literally froze, I was so completely shocked and surprised, he said "will you please do me the honour of marrying me...whilst opening the box revealing the snarkiest diamond ring I had ever seen!" I just kept repeating "oh my god" over and over in shock then screamed yes of course and burst into tears!! My parents and brother then all scrambled onto the balcony in tears also, they all knew of the great plan all along. We are now back home and planning our wedding for 2013, we've never been as happy and I cannot wait for our special day.

    • Amy McGarva
    • 04 January 2012
    • Reply
  • Number 3 is the one

    • philip little
    • 04 April 2012
    • Reply
  • couple number 3 for me .... amazing

    • david west
    • 05 July 2012
    • Reply
  • voting for # 1

    • Rhonda
    • 03 October 2012
    • Reply
  • Couple number 4.. DEFO!!! xx

    • laura
    • 03 October 2012
    • Reply
  • My fiancé and I met in a boxe fight night (I know, not very romantic) and the manager introduce us since I'm Brazilian and he was trying to learn Portuguese. We became closer friends on Cherri's blossom festival and started dating in the summer 2010. New Year's Eve of 2011/2012 he suggested to go to NY and watch the ball drop in Times Square and the thought of standing in the cold, without a bethroom with millions of people to try to watch a minuscule ball drop was not very interesting, but he kept on pushing me and so I went. On the way to Times Square all roads were closed at 2 pm and we could only reach 54th st, we couldn't see the ball, people were pushing us, and right there on the countdown for midnight , he kept on saying how happy he was that I was such a adventurous girl and how blessed he was for the privilege of the past years and he wanted to know what did I think about his last name, he then kneed down and ask "will you marry me"? It was breathtaking and I couldn't even speak, just nodd my head <3

    • Natalia
    • 30 October 2012
    • Reply
  • Number 3 to win xx

    • Amelia Bradbury
    • 02 November 2012
    • Reply
  • No 3 is a real winner &amp; a keeper

    • Janet Doyle
    • 08 January 2013
    • Reply
  • vote for number 5

    • kenneth glynn hoyle
    • 08 January 2013
    • Reply
  • My fiancé proposed to me November 15th 2012 and it was the most romantic week of my life so far! His proposal stretched across a few days and I had no idea why he was being so romantic! It began on our anniversary when he was working a night shift, so I got into my pyjamas and settled down to watch a film. Halfway through it stopped and the screen went blank. Suddenly a montage of photos of us came on to one of my favourite songs and the words 'I'm sorry I can't be with you on our 4 year anniversary. Go to the back garden…' In utter disbelief I I walked to the patio doors and peered into the garden. Suddenly fireworks were going off! I stepped outside and Aaron (my fiancé) appeared from the dark holding a bottle of champagne! 'Get dressed, I'm taking you out – you've got an hour'. He then whisked me off to the restaurant where we had our first blind date, but he had booked the entire place out! My suspicions were raised however the meal passed… with no proposal! The next day the same thing happened – I was watching breakfast TV and the screen flipped over with words telling me to pack a bag as we were going away for the night! Aaron came out of the bedroom grinning at my excitement for the next surprise. He whisked me off to the Yorkshire Dales and we spent the night in a gorgeous suite with dinner served in our room. Again, I was getting suspicious and again the evening passed with no proposal! We both returned to work for 2 days before we had a 10 day break in the Lake District. However, on the way to our cottage we had booked Aaron started to drive in the wrong direction. We arrived not at the cottage but at a stunning coach house 2 storey suite! It was breathtakingly luxurious. the following day we woke up to find a picnic hamper had been left for us from my favourite restaurant and Aaron took me down a lane to the jetty at Lake Windermere. I thought 'Surely THIS is it?!' but the picnic passed.... and no proposal! Later on in the afternoon we drove to a Spa hotel and enjoyed some treatments. We had agreed to meet at the bar afterwards and discuss what we should do for dinner. Aaron coolly said 'that's it now, there are no more surprises. I hope you have enjoyed your anniversary. Where should we eat?' I suggested we stayed at the spa hotel for dinner, so we walked over to the restaurant. The manager suddenly stopped us and said 'this way sir. Your table is ready'. He led us into a separate room overlooking the Lake with a solitary table in its centre and a setlist began to play all my favourite love songs. It was overwhelmingly thoughtful! After our second course a firework went off by the Lake, so Aaron suggested we go and see what was happening. He opened the doors to a corridor filled with hundreds of candles and our song began to play. He opened the patio doors and handed me a glass of champagne. With tears in his eyes he told me how he had known since he met me that I was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He got down on one knee and said 'Rebecca Jessica Grimes, Will you marry me?' I was speechless! I think I screamed 'Yes, Yes, A Million Times Yes!' At that moment an amazing display of fireworks went off! He later told me he had custom designed the ring and hand-picked every diamond in it, and for the last year he has been taking sneaky trips to London to see a diamond merchant! I am still overwhelmed by the lengths he went to for me. We are getting married in January 2014 and we can't wait.

    • Rebecca Grimes
    • 02 April 2013
    • Reply
  • my fiance proposed on the 21/03/2013 he texted me in the afternoon whilst i was at work "for tonights activities you will need a nice dress, warm jacket and shoes you can walk a mile in. A handsome man who resembles me will pick you up just after 8 and said activities will commence" i had a really quick change at home as only got home at 745 then we walked to a nearby favourite restaurant where we had a lovely meal he even got them to put my favourite chocolates (ferrero rocher) on my favourite dessert (tiramisu). on the way home we walked though the local park where he had arranged for his brothers to cover the boating lake in candles and have his canoe in the lake for when we arrived. On arriving at the boating lake we got into his canoe and then rowed to the middle of it where he had champagne waiting with music playing. he then got down on one knee (somewhat unsteadily - we were in a canoe) and asked me to marry him, with the most beautiful ring a diamond with two sapphire side stones in a white gold setting which he had designed especially for me. I of course said yes! :D he had even asked my mothers permission (he did want to ask my father but he was away with work) we have no date set yet... but we are enjoying being engaged for the time being.

    • amy webster
    • 01 August 2013
    • Reply
  • The most important man in my life ( now my fiancé') is the most romantic that i have ever met. We talked about getting married and that we would love to get married abroad in the Caribbean on a beach. We went to great lengths to find out all we needed to know and how to achieve our dream wedding abroad. We spent quite a few hours with a Travel Agent sorting out how we could make this happen with all our friends and family to come with us. We don't have a huge budget so this dream wedding abroad was realistically affordable for us than having a UK Wedding!! When telling our families that we wanted to get married abroad they all said that they wouldn't come due to lots of reasons. This really burst our bubble and deflated us and we were then left with a decision of do we still go ahead with a wedding abroad without our families or have a UK wedding where our friends &amp; families can be a part of. We decided that it was important to have them there on our special day. A month or so went by and on the 12th April 2013 my husband to be took me with our close friends &amp; children (who were in on it) to what I thought was going to be a chat with a Travel Agent to discuss a holiday but on route to the shop we walked by a Jewellers that we had been to previously to look at rings and as my friend and I was right beside the shop my husband to be turned around and said to me, show Jodie the ring you liked in the window and as I turned towards the window and was just about to say "that's the one" I stopped in mid flow and was completely speechless to see that there was a message in the window saying, Emma, will you marry me, Marcus x with the ring sat beside it - the one I loved!! There were people in the shop waiting for this Emma to arrive so that they could see this proposal I was so happy i said Yes immediately! The shop had told me that lots of people had been into the jewellers to ask if this was for real, seeing the message in the window. So immediately we were back to square one looking around for venue's that would fit with our budget, this was quite a tough task and frustrating at times to find somewhere that we liked but could afford. We are struggling very much so with the cost of having a wedding at home with also day to day living costs as well as school costs with residential trips etc. Due to the tight budget that we have we may not be able to have all the luxuries that you would expect you would have at your wedding such as Photographers, flowers!! We are having to have a very small number to the ceremony due to our budget so therefore not being able to invite all who are important to us to share our day.

    • Emma Davey
    • 26 September 2013
    • Reply
  • My fiance took me to egypt a week ago on holiday. As I was getting ready in the hotel room he said he would go and bring drinks up while I finish doing my hair. Ten minutes went by and he came back to tell me the bar was busy so we should have a nice walk along the beach before we eat. I agreed as thats all I had wanted to do. We walk to the beach and my fiance was very shaky and pale but he insisted on carrying on. We stood on the beach and we started to look at the stars. He kept telling me that the sun loungers were nice too which I was very confused about. A few minutes past when he said it again, as I looked down I noticed 'will you marry me written in the sand' I went to turn around to tell him that we was stood in the way of somebodies proposal spot when I saw him knelt down on one knee with the ring!! I burst out crying and said yes straight away!! I rang my parents straight away to tell them but they already knew because my fiance had asked there permission. Best day of my life xxx

    • aimee taylor
    • 01 October 2013
    • Reply
  • Hmmm what if you proposed to your man, can that be included in the entries.

    • Jennifer Neal
    • 04 November 2013
    • Reply
  • Voting for no 5

    • simon Knights
    • 03 December 2013
    • Reply
  • My fiancé and I first met in Spring 2005, through mutual friends. Although I had only known him for a matter of days I agreed to go on a trip to Prague for 4 days as our "official first date"! As cheesy as it sounds we totally feel in love with Prague and with each other. My fiancé works away quite often and in 2013 we hadn't spent a lot of quality time together so as a treat he organised a surprise trip to Prague in October. Two days after we arrived we went for a walk to a gorgeous island that sits on the river with an amazing view of Charles Bridge and the old town. It started to rain and I asked him if he had the umbrella, as I turned round about to tell him to hurry up as I was getting drenched he said "I don't have the umbrella, but I do have this" he got down on one knee and proposed! I was in complete shock, although we have been together for almost 9 years, marriage hadn't really ever been discussed. My engagement ring is completely unique, it turned out that he had been spending months working with a jeweler to create a bespoke ring. I've never been much of a diamond girl so it's an emerald set between two smaller diamond baguettes and has four diamonds down each side of the band. I was completely blown away about the attention to detail plus the stones are our birth stones! Everyone comments on how different it is. The proposal and the ring has really set the tone of the wedding, we are getting married in April 2015! xx

    • Jacqueline Sutherland
    • 07 January 2014
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  • My Fiance (Alvis) Invited (Michelle) to Kent University Canterbury Campus (where he is studying and where I shall start her Phd in September) for a romantic picnic on a sunny spring day (on 16th of May 2014). Halfway through her train journey to Canterbury, I got a bbm message from Alvis, postponing the picnic as Alvis is going to help a friend make a music video for an audition. So furious, I continues the journey to Canterbury and gives him thesilent treatment. But despite all, they make their way to the Labyrinth on the grassy hillside facing Canterbury town where Alvis and friends starts filming the Video, but every song they sang have some meaning for the Couple till in the end they sing 'Marry me by Jason Derulo' (a song he had once warned me that he would use in his proposal) and halfway through he pops the question. Will eyes full of tears and heart full of emotions, I gladly says YES!;

    • Michelle Etienne
    • 28 May 2014
    • Reply
  • Whilst at work one Friday I got a message from my fiance to say that our friends had cancelled their plans to stay with us for the weekend so would I like to go away instead! Well of course I did! Ben said he'd make some arrangements and meet me from work. We headed up the motorway and arrived at a lovely little lodge in the North York Moors, complete with outdoor hot tub. When I opened the car boot to get my bags it was filled with all of my favourite, cheese, chocolate! We spent the evening relaxing in the hot tub, talking into the night. The next day Ben suggested we go for a walk and see if we could find a bridge to put a love lock on, in keeping with our tradition of putting little padlocks on bridges in new places we go. He produced an ordnance survey map, personalised with the date and our photographs. I laughed at him being uncharacteristically organised and we headed out. I sauntered along taking lots of photographs of the beautiful moors, whilst Ben encouraged me to hurry up in case it rained. As we came round the corner I spotted a little wooden bridge. As we got closer I noticed a bright red padlock in the centre - someone had already beat us to it and put a lock on the bridge. "Why don't you see what it says?" Ben suggested. I ran on to the bridge, and engraved on the lock were the words "Lisa, will you marry me?" I turned round to find Ben down on one knee with a beautiful diamond engagement ring in his hand. A fair few tears were shed, and of course the answer was yes. I arrived back at the cottage to champagne and chocolate.

    • Lisa Dickenson
    • 02 September 2014
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