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Thank you to everyone who tuned in to Jade's twitter takeover! If you missed it, don't worry. Here are some of your questions and Jade's answers below...

Q: Danelle on Facebook - How soon is too soon to begin trying on wedding dresses?

A: Most shops/designers like at least 10 months for the design and making of a dress. Don't do it too far in advance because of the temptation to keep looking and changing body shape. 12 months max.

Q: @lhagan02 - What are some good ideas for parents gifts?

A: Topiary trees are very popular at the moment - a beautiful and long lasting reminder of the day. I gave mine seeds from the garden of my venue. Those plants are still in their garden now more than 10 years later!

Q: @Stephanie_Wendy - Don't suppose you know where I can get a birdcage veil? Budget under £100

A: @rdbridal have a really good range of birdcage veils from plain to ones with flower trim, and in different lengths. Or go to VV Rouleaux and design something yourself with the milliners who give tutorials. Or @theVWDC or @FCNKvintage have great veils

Q: @MissMitchell85 Will people judge me if I don't wear a veil?

A: Absolutely not! There are so many different varieties now, the important thing is to choose something you love

Q: Abi on Facebook - Will any of the high street shops which sell wedding dresses be having a sale before August?

A: We don't have specific dates yet sorry. Sign up to their websites so you will hear about them first. Or check here:

Q: @EmmerFazzle - I'm looking for some glamorous, vintage invitations that have a lot of info on and also our story

A: Sounds like you need a bespoke illustrative approach, try@randjstationery

Q: @Fran_x21 How do I make my wedding vintage chic rather than shabby chic?

A: Go for pretty, clean floral styling - not worn antique finishes. Distressed wood is a total no-no, it screams 'shabby'

Q: @KimberleyWF - What one piece of advice would you give to every bride2b?

A: Never EVER be rushed into a decision. There are no short cuts to good research, so do it! It's the fun bit after all.

Q: @ThePorposers - What do you think of men using proposal planners to arrange their wedding proposals?

A: Why not? If the end result is an incredible experience then I'm all for it. He's still got to be the one to perform it on the day

Q: @candacekusistio - Jade, with there being so many wedding planners outthere, which ones are worth buying?

A: You don't need to! Get the Jan/Feb issue of Brides which has a free comprehensive planner or download our free App

Q: @Illustries What do you think will be the biggest trends in 2013?

A: Brides are embracing colour in a big way- from decor, to flowers, the cake even the dress. Don't miss the Nov/Dec issue for 100s of ideas

Q: @pkalz - What are some not-so-typical bridal shower gifts I can get my friend?

A: For my wedding a friend had a perfume custom blended for me - incredible & surprisingly inexpensive. Try Cotswold Perfumery or Floris

Q: @LouisaWilliams4 What do u do when most of your invitations get lost in the post? #utterlygutted

A: Appeal to your stationery company for a whopping discount on another order, or choose one of the more upmarket email invite companies

Q: @minijo1 - I need first dance advice, something quirky?

A: Get your crowd to vote during the wedding breakfast for the first dance song. Or choreograph it so it starts with you and groom, then you and maids then him and ushers etc. great fun!

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What are the key trends from the 2013 bridal collections? What is the most unforgettable moment of the London Bridal show's earlier this month? What is the latest wedding-craze that we will see pop up all over weddings next year? How would you deal with a difficult mother-in-law?


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