Shoes are my thing. They've always been my thing. And it's a pretty unhealthy obsession. I once - as a poor student living on Tesco Value muesli - spent £200 on a pair of vintage heels from the 1980's that were completely falling apart because I liked the colour.


Anyway, when it came to choosing shoes for my big day, I put myself under quite a lot of pressure. As my dress is tea-length, getting the right pair was imperative and I looked around a lot. I saw satin shoes, silk shoes, white shoes, nude shoes, stilettos, courts, peep-toes, kittens - you name a shoe style and it has, without a doubt, been on my foot in the past two months but nothing felt right.

And then, a friend recommended Upper Street and things became much simpler. From their studio in Islington or through their website, this all-girl team help you design your own shoes from style to colour to fit to heel height. And - thrillingly - said studio is full of shoes. They are literally carpet to ceiling and you can try on all of them. Heaven. Their concept just makes sense - if you can find an existing pair of shoes you like, why not just design your own?


After months of searching for the shoes of my dreams, I found my bridal heels within two minutes of arriving at Upper Street. They're gold and ivory and make me feel very tall and skinny - what more can you ask for from a pair of shoes on the most important day of your life? Having chosen my style, the Upper Street team used swatches to ensure the colour is exactly the same as my dress and measured my feet so that they fit perfectly. We chose a heel height and, hey presto! I have shoes that make me feel like a very, very special bride.

And then, the best bit happened - they inscribed the sole with the date of my wedding. Scream! It's the cutest thing. With my shoes designed and ordered, I skip off into Angel already excited about them arriving in a few weeks time. I know everyone says finding the dress is the biggest event of being a bride-to-be but, for me, this has been the most special moment in my preparations so far.


Upper Street Shoes; From £195 for a bespoke pair of shoes;; 0845 680 9365