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Thank you to everyone who tuned in to our twitter takeover with the honeymoon experts from @Banyan_Tree and @TurquoiseUK! If you missed it, don't worry. Here are some of your questions and their expert answers below...

Q: Cheryl via Facebook - Where is best for a June #honeymoon?

A: June is fab for a safari-beach combination - see the wildlife in South Africa before a beach stay in paradise @Banyan_Tree #Seychelles. Can also find good weather in #Bali and Central #Vietnam at this time of year too!

Q: Nathalie via Facebook - Where is the best destination for heat and gorgeous beaches in early June?

A2: Visit #Asia in early June.  @TurquoiseUK recommends the east coast of #Malaysia or #Thailand  - Stunning hotel & offers @Banyan_Tree on #KohSamui. June is great month for island hopping in the #Seychelles and #Caribbean is another good destination ...not as hot or busy as in Jan/Feb, great offers and stunning hotels #honeymoon

Q: Jane via Facebook - Is #Mauritius a good place to go in late May/early June?

A: Yes - especially if you stick to the NW coast as it's protected from the SE trade winds. It's not as hot as peak season in Nov/Dec so a lovely time of year to visit #Mauritius  - expect some rain, but only light showers

Q: Jeffry via Facebook -What is the best #honeymoon spot?

A: Tough question!  Depends on time of year and your personal preferences. A few favourites in 2013 are #Thailand #Zanzibar #Tahiti #TheMaldives. For culture lovers, @Banyan_Tree #Vietnam and #Bali are amazing. For adventure lovers combine #safari in #SouthAfrica and beach in the #Seychelles. For romance head to #TheMaldives or combine city & beach #Dubai @bt_alwadi and the #Seychelles

Q: Oana via Facebook - How is Bora Bora in December?

A: It can be very hot and humid in Dec, but a very popular month for twinning with #Australia and #New Zealand.  Our summer is typically the best time to go.

Q: @ashrogelios - Seychelles v. Mauritius - which is best? And when is best to go?

A6: Not a question of which is best, more which is right for you… #Mauritius is more resort-based whereas #Seychelles is about #islandhopping and exploring. Weather-wise, Mauritius is best in Nov/Dec and Seychelles May/June #honeymoon

Q: We want to go to Australia on honeymoon but only have two weeks, is that enough?

A: Yes! As long as you don't try to squeeze too much. Allow 3-4 days in Sydney or a city then head to an outer island or the gold coast. Any less than 2 weeks and it is a long way to go

Q: Lara via email - We only have a week for our honeymoon - where should we go to make the most of it?

A: If you want to go mid-haul, we would suggest the fabulous @Banyan_Tree Al Wadi near Dubai. The #Maldives is also doable in one week but we would recommend staying on one island.

Q: Fiona via Facebook - How do we get an upgrade?

A: Unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee w/o paying. Many of our hotels offer room upgrades to #honeymooners but flights are tricky!

Q: Alex via Facebook - We like trying new things, what honeymoon destinations are up and coming?

A: Sri Lanka is a very hot option for 2013, especially twinned with the #Maldives. @Banyan_Tree has some stunning hotels in the Indian Ocean and South East Asia too

Q: Emma via email - We want to do more than just sit on the beach - where should we go and what can we do?

A: We would recommend a multi-centre #honeymoon - why not twin a city and beach stay? Or head to Indochina for a cultural adventure. #Vietnam has amazing cities, stunning countryside + gorgeous beaches

Q: @willmccann13 - We want to go to Fiji but feel like it is a terribly long journey. How can we break it up?

A: #LosAngeles and #HongKong are the best stopover options for #Fiji - a great way to break up the journey and see a city too!

Q: Andrew via Facebook - Should I book our honeymoon as surprise for my wife?

A: Yes - how romantic! Although do make sure you consider what she would like to do & the type of hotel she would like. @Banyan_Tree have perfect honeymoon hotels in exotic destinations - we can help you plan

Q: Paula  via email - We really want to go to Bali - where would you recommend?

A: #Bali is a great multi centre destination! Visit Ubud for culture, scenery & jungle and then @Banyan_Tree Ungasan for the beach/chill out stay

Q: Alix via Facebook - Is it a bad idea to hotel-hop too much on honeymoon - we love travelling and want to see as much as we can!

A: If you have enough time def. move around, but don't try to fit in too much - Nothing is less romantic than packing and unpacking every day! You need to make sure you have enough time to enjoy the destination and hotels before moving on.

Q: @foreman_emma - I don't want a cliché #honeymoon spot - where can we go that is different and unique?

A: Asia is perfect for unusual #honeymoons #Vietnam #Cambodia #Malaysia or why not mix #SriLanka + #Maldives for the best of both worlds? If you are looking for #beach stays the #BritishVirginIslands boast incredible islands and resorts, perfect for #sailing fanatics or how about a desert adventure @bt_alwadi on route to the #Seychelles

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