Of course, we are obsessed with cakes at Brides HQ.

We see enough incredible designs - and taste so many divine concoctions - it couldn't possible by any other way.


And so the July/August 2013 issue has somehow become slightly dedicated to them. With the total count at 92, it's the most we've ever features in any one issue and I'm personally finding it very hard to select a favorite.

From the doll's house-sized cakes on page 44 to the extravagant £2,9000 design on page 150, which took three bakers and entire week just to decorate, it's a visual feast of what you tell us one of the most exciting elements of your wedding planning.

If you don't have that sort of money to spend, no problem; we've enlisted the help of some seriously good bakers to show you how to save hundreds of pounds, and your guest will never know the difference.


Because your wedding cake is now so much more than a mere photo call. It can also be a great chance to show off your creative skills (you'll find great DIY ideas throughout this issue), as a way to entertain your guests (check out the surprising cakes on page 62 that look even better once they've been cut open) and one of the best way to personalise your day. See how one couple did just that with their giant sandwich-shaped cake on page 147.

We've also got elegant designs that incorporate real flowers, plus the recipes you need to make them at bridesmagazine.co.uk. And if cake + flowers sounds good to you, we've got plenty of ideas using iced and painted floral designs.


But for the Brides team there is nothing better than discovering a super-talented cakemaker. Like Yum Nums boutique, which created all the gorgeous rose cupcakes pictured here - I defy anyone to go on its website and not be impressed by what they see.

Or Chris Murphy, the talented baker in our feature, You need these men! On page 159 - we adore what he's doing with modern wedding cake.

So dig in and enjoy the issue - we have!

The July/August 2013 issue of Brides is out now!