Jane Austen fans across the land will have already heard the news: The British government is trying to stop Kelly Clarkson from taking a turquoise and gold ring once owned by the much loved author out of the country.

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Whilst the Culture minister, and indeed the whole country, debate the subject (Is this rare ring a 'national treasure'? Should we be allowed to bar Clarkson from taking the ring? Can we crowd-source a fund to buy the ring back from the American Idol winner? Etc), we at Brides have been captivated by this exceptional ring - and engagement ring of sorts, no less.

Once owned by Austen's family, the ring first belonged to her sister Cassandra, who then gave it to her sister-in-law Eleanor Austen when she became engaged to Jane and Cassandra's brother, the Reverend Henry Thomas Austen.


Still in its original box, the rare ring was expected to fetch £30,000 at auction but sold for £152,450 at Sotherby's when Kelly Clarkson snatched it up.

The Since You've Been Gone singer is engaged herself, with a seriously dazzling $150,000 ring of her own and already owns a replica of Austen's ring (pictured), so in all likelihood she didn't purchase the original gold and turquoise ring to wear, but rather to treasure.  But this got us thinking: If you could own a historic engagement ring which would you most like to have?

Kate Moss' husband Jamie Hince tried to track down Zelda Scott Fitzgerald's ring for his model bride when he proposed - very romantic. But what could be more romantic than a ring owned by Jane Austen's family? You tell us… 


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