The Big Day has dawned, been and gone, and although writing this fills me with nostalgia it also spreads a smile across my cheeks. I could not have loved it more.

Douglas Robertson


Being in Scotland, the weather kept us on our toes. The days leading up were lovely and sunny, making me fear we would use up our annual quota of sunshine before Saturday came round. Sure enough, on the morning of the Big Day let's just say there was no need to turn on the sprinklers.

But the showers completed their work by the time we headed to the church (in a Morgan driven by my now brother-in-law) and a warm and balmy evening ensued. A touch of grey, so they say, is good for the photographs so no complaints there.

Speaking of photographs brings me to a few notes about the lead-up. Five days before the wedding I had to fly down to London for a final dress fitting at Browns Bride. Now that it's all over I can tell you about The Dress: I wore a Vera Wang Bouquet Gown (see photo) altered to size by the wonderful team at Browns Bride, with a custom lace bolero and an Odelia veil by Peter Langner.

I also wore gold glitter heels by Christian Louboutin and a Midnight Waltz hairpiece by Paris.


I wouldn't have had such a calm complexion on the day were it not for a rose facial and back treatment at the Sanderson Hotel's Aqua Spa when I came back down to London a few days before the wedding to collect my dress. On this trip I also had semi-permanent lash extensions done at Shavata which gave me wonderful heavy eyelashes  so naturally people kept asking what mascara I was wearing.

The main thing I would say as advice from the Big Day is to relax. I know this may be difficult depending on your disposition, but a glass of champers pre-ceremony may do the trick. It will fly past in a flash so don't drink too much, but take the edge off those nerves so you can enjoy every minute.

Another key area is photography. As it all happens so quickly and immediately afterwards feels like a wonderful dream, you need some spectacular snaps so you can keep reliving the day afterwards.

I chose Edinburgh-based Douglas Robertson (that's his photo above). Photographs are very much a personal thing, but I wanted a photographer who doesn't just do weddings but has an eye for a shot and could take some great natural shots, not just line-ups of family members.


Also worth giving thought to is the First Dance. I've been at a few weddings where the bride and groom awkwardly waltz around the floor for 30-seconds before one of them starts waving at the guests to come and share the limelight.

Sure, there's a balance to be struck - choreographing something that could double as an audition for Britain's Got Talent may not be your scene, but it's worth having a little think about this much-photographed minute. After all, all eyes will be on you and those crowds need pleasing…

We had several South American touches in the wedding, including pisco sour cocktails, quinoa (along with Scottish salmon) for the main course and we chose to do salsa for our first dance. Back in Chile we hired an instructor and had the grand total of three salsa lessons in our little flat.


My husband (yes it feels strange saying that) said that as soon as he proposed he started dreading the first dance, so we thought it would be good to learn a routine. The main thing was that we wanted it to be a surprise, which meant waving goodbye to practice - you try getting five-minutes alone to salsa in the lead-up to your wedding - but it was lots of fun and brought on some good whoops and cheers.

Lastly, one of the highlights for me was the bottle green Morgan which transported us through the village from the church to marquee, and off into the night at the end of the party. It was decorated by the Best Men and Ushers with white ribbons for the church, and a Just Married sign along with Iron Bro cans (this is Scotland after all) when we drove away.

Luckily, this isn't quite the end from me yet; I'll be back in the next few weeks with the lowdown on our honeymoons. Yes, that's plural! Watch this space for all the details of our Turkey mini-moon and Peru maxi-moon...