You will not doubt have heard the news by now. And if you haven't, you will have heard the sound of thousands upon thousands of hearts breaking.

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We're talking, of course, about Ryan Gosling.


The Notebook star and internationally adored dreamboat is going to be a father! His long-term girlfriend Eva Mendes is seven months pregnant, and whilst we are of course happy for them (that is going to be one gorgeous baby!) we can't help but feel a little bit sad, too.

Reports of Eva's pregnancy were first reported in American OK! Magazine yesterday and have since been confirmed by People magazine and Us Weekly.

A friend of Mendes told People magazine that while the actress may have said she wasn't planning to get married or have children, "with Ryan things are different … she's very independent but she's content with her partner. She finally found the person she really wants to be with."


We may be jumping the gun, but are those wedding bells we hear? Imagine Ryan proposing… standing at the altar all dressed up, saying 'I do'. It's all bit too much to handle...

Eva Mendes has previously denied pregnancy rumours, telling Ellen Degeneres on her talk show:

"It's so ridiculous...It all started because I didn't want to go through the scanners at the airport. You know those X-ray scanners, which are really creepy? They basically see you naked, right? And not only that, but there's a radiation aspect to it, so I always opt out."

But even Ellen thinks the couple are having a baby. She tweeted: "Congrats to @RyanGosling and @EvaMendes! That's going to be the most beautiful, bilingual, part-superhero, well-dressed, romantic baby ever".

So true, Ellen, but what about their wedding? They would make the most beautiful bride and groom, too!