I'm getting slightly worried how little I've done and with only six months to go… I'm not making this easy for myself. I am continually asked how the wedding planning is coming along, becoming increasingly embarrassed by how little I've done…  


Attending Brides The Show certainly helped focus the mind. I seem to be finding it easier to do all the little things and leave the big things - like wedding dress - to the end. A strategy I wouldn't exactly recommend, but on the subject of 'the little things', I've found some amazing suppliers at The Show that I've really got my heart set on.

First find: Bubblegum Balloons. These oversized balloons add character to any room, I'm even tempted to use them in the church, although mum doesn't quite approve.


Next up - but in the same colourful theme - are the Meringue Girls and their crates of beautiful, rainbow-coloured confections. Slightly superfluous some might say, but I simply love them and thought would be a great feature not only looks-wise but oh-so-tasty, too!

Stationery is an immediate thought and one I don't really want to delay (I am planning to send invites in January time!) Three different stationers in particular caught my eye: Eagle Eyed Bride, Leeming Brothers and Piccolo Press. The question is: do we want to go for traditional or something a bit different? If I don't hurry up and decide the guests will be lucky to get an email!


Another interesting thing to come out of Brides The Show was an essential I was hoping to go without but now really, desperately want: a wedding video. La Boda videographers convinced me that this is something I can treasure forever and will allow me to recap on the small details I miss on the day. Seeing the amount of work that goes into their films made me certain I can't go without after all.

Another genius idea: Patchwork Present - an alternative gift list for everything and anything. Andrew and I have been living together for a year now so I'm not sure I need the wonderful John Lewis gift list (I may eat my words) but Patchwork gives our guests the freedom to gift what they want - even a meal, a drink or an experience on your honeymoon! In the mean time, I have to get in touch with the girls from Quintessentially Travel, whom I also met at The Show, otherwise I might not have a honeymoon to go on!