Weddings are great. That much we know. 

Yes, they can be intense and yes, the wedmin can get out of hand - we won't disagree with you there. Favours, colour schemes, flowers, decor; it all serves a purpose, but ultimately your wedding day is about one very simple thing. And that is love. The love you share and are choosing to celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

Never has this been more poignantly shared than with #ShareTheHonestLove.


The social media campaign launched by Laura Caudery, the owner and manager of Surrey's award-winning wedding venue Fetcham Park, is sure to take your breath away. 

It's sole aim is to show - through authentic, honest and raw images - those little moments that capture the real significance of a wedding; reminding couples not to get too caught up in the superficial aspects of the white zone.

"I regularly warn our couples against obsessing too much over the 'pretty'," Laura writes in her blog, "and this wedding (pictured, captured by Eddie Judd) is the perfect example of what a wedding day is really all about: the love that's celebrated, shared and felt on a wedding day." 


Laura's own heartbreaking tale makes her campaign all the more legitimate. Her own wedding day started with disaster: heavy snowfall. Travel nightmares and last-minute cancellations ensued, but as she made her way to Fetcham Park she realised that the only thing that really mattered was marrying Paul.  They had a wonderful wedding, and have a lovely album to prove it.

A year later, real tragedy struck: Paul suffered fatal cardiac arrest. At 32, Laura found herself a widow and single mother to her and Paul's one-year-old baby boy.

"I go to work every day where Paul and I got married, it is effectively my office, and to begin with I wondered how I'd cope, but the first wedding we hosted [at Fetcham Park] made me really happy. The idea that what we started would continue has kept me going and given me a purpose," she says.


Her campaign has struck a chord, not just in the bridal industry via top bridal blog Love My Dress, but also with the general public, including Stylist and hundreds of avid twitter users and Instagrammers. 

It's not just a couple's love that it celebrates, but the love of whole event - a father's caring glance, a mother's pride, a best friend's joy - it's all celebrated. 


"Seeing this picture [Eddie Judd's emotional capture] reminded me that I was looking for the wrong things in pictures. As an industry we look to share these images that are beautiful - a bouquet, a setting, a detail - but we sometimes miss the emotional connection, which is so much more significant."

She's right, of course, and most touching of all are the stories behind these images. So next time you are stressed or worried about anything wedding-related, take a moment to look through #ShareTheHonestLove and remember what that special day is really about. 


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