It's the one time in your life you'll be able to wear one, but how do you decide which veil is right for you?

It's been said that many brides have their 'Bingo!' dress moment only once the veil has been placed on their head. So, when trying on dresses, be sure to ask to add a veil with each dress that you try on. Your wedding dress shop stylist should be able to advise on lengths, but if you're looking for more ideas, below are the key lengths and styles to know about and what kind of dresses they suit. 

Click through the gallery to see many of these lengths and styles in action.

Face length: covering just the face, these veils are often called birdcage veils, and suit a vintage style or more simple/short dresses. A perfect option to wear with your registry wedding dress

45" - shoulder length: The veils work well with '50s/'60s-look dresses, especially with bouffant hair.

54" - waist/elbow length: This style complements most dresses but be careful it doesn't obscure or cut across any detail on the back of your dress.

72" - fingertip length: This style is a versatile length and look particularly good with narrow dresses. They're not flattering for dresses that flare from the hip.

90" - floor/waltz length: Not one for tall brides. This style suits more petite figures looking for a floor length veil without a train.

108" - ballet/puddle/floor train length: Depending on your height, this length can either just brush the floor or cover a small 'puddle' train.

126" - chapel length: This style works with nearly all dresses, and is surprisingly lengthening, so don't automatically rule it out if you are not the tallest of brides!

144" - cathedral length: The ultimate statement veil! Great for creating the wow factor with an opulent princess dress. Just make sure it will fit in your venue - it's not called 'cathedral' for nothing!