Bridal blooms don't always have to be about the decor you know. One of the hottest trends in weddings right now is wearable flower jewellery - and top florist Zita Elze was on hand at Brides The Show's Imagination Room to show real brides-to-be how to create the prettiest floral bracelets and rings.


Zita told the packed DIY workshop: 'We run a course called "Living Embroidery" - it's all about wearing something fresh in a design that you love. We started with bridal dresses made with real flowers and thought, "Why not accessories?". Brides need to move away from the idea that flowers are just about wedding decor or the bouquet.'

And the rings were so simple to make - simply twist floral wire around your finger to size it and remove, Wrap floral tape around the wire; snip your chosen flower (small hydrangeas are best) and stick it on with floral glue. Easy… and so pretty.

Jessica Ivey, 21, who attended the workshop, said: 'You don't often think about wearing flowers at weddings, even though they're such a central focus of the day. I'm not a massive fan of jewellery either, but I absolutely love Zita's creations - it's really nice to be able to wear blooms differently.'