They've created some of the most iconic (and most imitated) It Shoes of the past year. They've collaborated with uber-stylish celebrities including Olivia Palermo and most recently Poppy Delevingne. They've just opened their first London flagship store. And now, iconic shoe brand Aquazzura are about to add their magic touch to your nuptials with their brand new, first-ever bridal collection.


Met by an overwhelming demand from their customers all around the world for gorgeous yet comfortable shoes for their wedding day, the decision to make a bridal collection 'came naturally' to Aquazzura founder Edgardo Osorio. He has taken five of his most popular styles and reimagined them in dreamy white leather and lace to make them wedding-worthy. The usually tan soles have been transformed to a lucky bridal blue but haven't lost the brand's signature gold 3D pineapple motif; a nod to the Southern Italian tradition of putting a pineapple in the doorway of a house for good fortune. Osorio has said of the house's insignia 'I like the idea of sending my Aquazurra girls out with a lucky charm under their feet'.


With his shoes seen on everyone from Beyoncé to Jennifer Lawrence, the good luck charm seems to be working! Forget the silver sixpence in your shoe; it's time to head to Aquazzura for your big day and beyond.

Prices start from £420, available from November; Aquazzura, 38 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4JG;