A high-street wedding dress? Here us out… designer Ben de Lisi has created a collection of six bridal gowns for Debenhams, and they're all gorgeous.


From a ballgown fit for a fairytale bride, to what Ben affectionately calls the 'second-marriage dress': a heavily beaded, streamlined number - there's something for every taste.


We caught up with Ben to find out a bit more about the collection, and what advice he has for budget-savvy brides-to-be:

Why bridal? Why now?

My Principles line has been a superstay at Debenhams, and I saw this as a natural progression from elegant evening wear into bridal. There's no bigger event than a wedding and every bride wants to look phenomenal no matter what their budget is, so there's six signature styles to offer brides something special and unique that would be accessible and affordable.

What kind of bride could you see wearing these gowns?

What's great is that there's something for everyone, the woman may be as young as 20 or as old as 70. The bride is someone who knows her body and knows what she likes - she's someone who perhaps won't bring her mum or girlfriends to ask how she looks, and is savvy with her money.

Why is it important to you to offer affordable gowns?

It doesn't matter if someone is spending £3000 on a gown, or £10,000 - it's still got to be something special. All my gowns have my signature style: understated, elegant and glamorous, so that the bride is still in control and she carries the dress, not the other way round.

What advice would you give a bride coming to the high street looking for their wedding dress?

Don't get too caught up in the occasion - I find brides tend to over think their dresses. Ultimately you want to be recognisable when you walk down the aisle. Dress for yourself, you've got to feel comfortable what you're wearing. Think of it as just a more polished and glamorous you. Just because it doesn't cost a lot doesn't mean it won't be as beautiful.

Do you have a favourite dress in the collection?

I love the 'Serena' (pictured), which is a quintessential Ben de Lisi column with a jewelled neckline and cape-style top. It's so elegant and the kind of dress that you will never fall out of love with.

Dresses are priced between £250-£350 gowns and are available at 15 Debenhams stores across the UK, or online at www.debenhams.com