Find out what happened AFTER these women proposed to their unsuspecting partners live on camera. Spoiler alert: things got pretty raucous...

So you've seen the best leap year proposal video ever (did your mascara survive? Nope, neither did ours!). Now it's time to find out what happened afterwards and to get a sneak peak at everything awesome at the Brides after-party.

Adrian Weinbrecht

It's safe to say that the unsuspecting partners were in need of a stiff drink when they walked into the private party room at The Savoy. After all, when they'd arrived at this iconic hotel a few hours earlier, they thought they were coming for a restaurant review, not to be popped the ultimate question live on camera.  No cigar for guessing they were first in the queue for Bombay Sapphire cocktails. 'Talk about catching me off guard!' said John, 35, who was proposed to by girlfriend, Laura, 33. While Dom, 37, joked, 'Is this some sort of revenge because you turned me down when I asked you before?' to new fiancé Ruby, 27, as they collapsed in a happy heap onto the luxe leather sofas (thank you Great Hire, for breaking their fall).   


The brave women in the finest finery (David's Bridal, we salute you) were a mixture of ecstatic and relieved. 'Proposing was SO much harder than I thought it would be,' said Meryl, 27, who had popped the question to Henri, 31, 'but I couldn't be happier.' And although it had been a nail-biting day somehow - and we're not sure how - their Perfect 10 manicures remained, well, perfect.

The awesome five-piece super-group London Essentials whipped the newly engaged couples into a further frenzy with their special brew of serenading acoustic music and mingling, which had everyone spinning around the dance floor. And we were in good company: these old-school glamour guys have played for George Clooney, Andrea Bocelli, and at countless star-studded weddings. The band were also the most charming dance partners ( when their double bass wasn't getting in the way, that is).


There was also some serious squeals made from The Flash Pack's photo booth. After all, what post-proposal party is complete without a snap of the newly engaged couple in a top hat and pink frilly umbrella, huh?

Then it was the second biggest question of the night: which couple would win the mega Club Med honeymoon?  From their shrieks - which were probably heard in Scotland - there was no question that Holly and Pete were delighted their names had been pulled out of the hat. And we don't blame them. Who wouldn't love a week at the all-inclusive La Plantation d'Albion in Mauritius?

When the carriages arrived to take the smiling newly engaged couples home (and THOSE stunning David's Bridal dresses and accessories), it had been a day - and night - that our wonderful couples would never forget. And neither will we.

'What an honour it was to play host to these incredible female proposals,' said Brides editor Jade Beer. 'Every one of these women was so brave to put themselves live on camera in what was one of the most daring events Brides has ever orchestrated. The men had no idea what was coming, but that didn't faze them, they were fearless!' 

Get more insider details in the next issue of Brides magazine, on sale 23rd March 2015.  

The story so far...

It's a leap year! So back in January, we teamed up with David's Bridal and called out on social media for confident and courageous women to help us create one of the most exciting events we've ever hosted: a fun and beautiful mass proposal where the women do the asking. 

Not surprisingly it caused a huge buzz here on and our Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram pages and we eventually whittled down the countless applications to 11 gutsy women from around the country (including one who flew in from the US!) who wanted to spring the biggest surprise on their partner ever

As promised, we took care of all of the details. Our partner in crime, David's Bridal, supplied not only the most beautiful dresses to propose in, but the dreamiest of gowns for the later 'I do's'. We booked the iconic Savoy Hotel in London and had the hottest hair and make-up artists (Gustav Fouche from Michael Van Clarke and Lisa Potter-Dixon, head make-up artist from Benefit Cosmetics, we're talking about you). Brides and David's Bridal helped pull all this together and much much more, including ensuring it was a complete and utter surprise for the partners by providing a cover story (OK, lie…) that they were coming to The Savoy for a simple restaurant review.


As the men arrived that evening to take their seats for dinner in The Savoy's Thames Foyer room, our women - makeover complete - joined them. When dinner was finished each couple were escorted one by one to our magical proposal room where the cameras were already rolling. One after another the women asked their partners to marry them. Some cried, some laughed, one got down on one knee, one even sang - it was one evening we will never forget! And what did every partner have in common? Not one of them had guessed that this was what they were really there for - to receive a leap year proposal! 


We'll be revealing all on Monday 29th February when the full video is released but in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on social media for some exclusive sneak peaks. Trust us, it's not to be missed.

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With thanks to David's Bridal, The Savoy London, Club MedBenefit CosmeticsMichael Van Clarke, Perfect 10, Great Hire, The Flash Pack, The London Essentials, Bombay Sapphire, Aspinal of London, Bvlgari perfume