When it comes to picking the style, theme and location of your wedding, the possibilities are endless. Should you go for a rustic countryside reception complete with marquee and  flowers everywhere? Or perhaps you'd rather opt for a glamorous black tie affair in a stunning ballroom with dazzling gems to match?   

Whatever your vibe, one important element of the day should never be overlooked - your bridesmaids! The girls who've sat with you night after night agonising over everything from  candles versus fairy lights to whether you should  just jump on a plane for a  tropical beach wedding deserve one almighty thank you  

But when it comes to picking bridesmaids gifts, don't let all the thought and planning that went into your venue, vibe and colour palette get forgotten. Carry the theme through with these stylish and oh-so-perfect sparklers from Pandora. When your girlfriends are likely to be a bridesmaid several times throughout their lives these gifts are guaranteed to bring back really special memories from your stylish day. From simple studs and statement drops to stand out pendants and subtle rings, let Brides fashion stylist Lucinda Turner find the perfect match