Feel like you're using the bride and engagement ring emoji all the time? Welcome to the world of Wedding Emojis (yes, that's right, emojis created especially for wedding planning - the dream!)


One of our favourite bridal designers Hayley Paige has created a range of 'Holy Matrimoji' (we're as obsessed with the name as you are) emojis for brides-to-be planning their wedding. 

From edible diamonds (to shine bright from within, obvs), fire-breathing bridezilla or the French Bulldog in a tutu - there's an emoji for every part of the wedding process: good and bad.


We caught up with Hayley to find out more about the emojis and why she wanted to create them:

What made you decide to create Holy Matrimoji?

I'm a self-proclaimed emoji enthusiast, and my very first exposure to creativity came in the form of illustration; so this venture just felt right (and perhaps growing up on scratch-and-sniff stickers, Disney Princess Movies, and Barbie comic books has a way of catching up with you). The Hayley Paige brand is all about personal engagement and injecting a sense of personality.

Why weddings?

I wanted a way for people to better communicate their emotions and decisions - both the eurhoric and overtaxed - when it comes to weddings (and everything it involves). Whether you're a beaming bride, always a bridesmaid, or straight slaying it single, this app gives access to a universal language that conveys the quintessential emotion and imagery shaping the bridal industry. 

Which is your favorite? When do you plan on using it?

Although you will never find me admitting to a favorite dress, I can happily admit that the "lightsaber-meets-fairy-godmother" emoji is my favorite! I feel like it's a culmination of my attraction to unlikely inspirations and my approach to fantastical artistry. It's something to appreciate here and in galaxies far-far away.

Which emoji would you have used most when you planned your wedding, and why?

The blue unicorn licking the ice cream emoji! This is an extremely biased (and random) choice, but for me a lot of the wedding process felt taxing and overwhelming at times. That emoji adds the sweetest amount of humor and reminds me to have fun and not take things too seriously.

What regular emoji would you most like to see created?

Honestly, it's about time they started implementing animation into the regular emoji keyboard. I also think they are seriously missing out in the mermaid department!

What are your bridal trends to watch for 2017?

It might be a tad early for a reveal of Fall 2017, but let's just say that sleeves are running rampant! This reminds me that I need an emoji symbol for "don't kiss and tell."

Who would be your dream celebrity bride to dress?

We recently dressed singer Kelsea Ballerini and Canadian TV personality Kaitlyn Bristowe for red carpet events, so I would LOVE that. But it would be SO amazing to dress Serena Williams!!! I know Emma Bunton aka 'Baby Spice' is engaged, so that would be all sorts of girl power-rrifc. 

What are your must-follow accounts on Instagram?

@Fluffegram (for the yumminess) @betches (for the silliness) @ChrissyTeigan (for the playfulness) @natgeo (for the realness) and @bulldogsofinstagram (for the cuteness).

What would your number one piece of wedding advice be?

Create a secretive "code word" or special expression for just you and your groom on your wedding day so that when one of you signals or whispers it, you can sneak away together for moments of one-on-one time. It's a perfect plan in making sure you have little moments to really be in the moment together. 

To download, go to HolyMatrimoji.com

It's also available on the App Store here