If you're planning on having a wedding video, there's no such thing as too much preparation with your chosen videographer. A wedding video you treasure, show and everyone who walks through your front door (postmen - beware!) is the holy grail that every bride dreams of. But, how do you get it right? We spoke to Andrew Gemmell of The Filming Business - the man who has shot the weddings and special events of A-listers including Elton John, the Beckhams, and even the Royal family, no less - for his tips on how to get the very most from your wedding video. 

What to capture

"Quite simply: everything. Couples are often wowed by short highlights clips of weddings which of course look great on social media but often don't tell the full story of your day. From our experience, clients want every detail, every moment, every speech and every guest captured. The best filmmakers know that without covering each and every base, it's not possible to truly capture the essence of an occasion - that magical feeling that you can't put into words but which is unique to each wedding."


How to shoot it

"Your wedding filmmaker should be everywhere, seamlessly blending into the background and going unnoticed yet ensuring they don't miss a second of the day. There's a growing trend towards aerial photography and film at weddings: it's now possible incorporate beautiful sweeping footage of venues and outdoor receptions to add dramatic content to sometimes up to eight or nine cameras that we might have simultaneously capturing footage on the ground." 

What to avoid

"Meet with key members of the crew beforehand, and understand who will be filming your big day - and, crucially, make sure they understand who you are as a couple. Come the big day, you won't have the time nor inclination to do a full film crew briefing! There are companies that will take on multiple weddings on the same day, meaning they can charge less due to the scale of their production. However like most things in life, you get what you pay for - this scenario could see a crew turning up to film your day that know nothing about you, your family, the order of the day or even where and when key moments are taking place. "


How to get the most from your wedding filmmaker

"Naturally it's important to have a good working relationship with all your wedding suppliers and the rapport you have with your filmmaker is no different. The foundations of the relationship should be communication and trust, leaving absolutely no surprises on the big day. Having spent over 20 years shooting more than 2000 weddings, I know the build up to the day can be overwhelming for some couples. Your wedding filmmaker should show you they care about the responsibility placed upon them and take their role in your wedding seriously. Our motto is 'One day. One Chance. One Take'"