After the news that there is a new most-pinned engagement ring on Pinterest, knocking last years' intricate piece off the top spot, we know that trends for that most treasured piece of jewellery are constantly changing.

So what's next for the engagement ring of the moment? We've done some digging and found the new style that is set to become the favourite... We are all familiar with a classic halo on a diamond ring, but the latest style of bling to be favoured with brides-to-be is the 'drop halo' design.


But what exactly is a dropped halo? Allow us to explain... A regular halo (or pave as it's known in the jewellery world), is a number of smaller diamonds surrounding the main diamond, but a drop halo is where you wouldn't see the surrounding stones from a birds eye angle. They are essentially hidden diamonds that would only be seen from the side. Gaining popularity with jewellery aficionados and A-listers a like, this is a beautiful design for brides wanting a classic solitaire look, but with some subtle added detailing.

Blake Lively owns a rose gold engagement ring that features this very style. A secret diamond halo layer, that sits underneath the gorgeous pink oval diamond. And while you might not have the budget for Blake's stunning sparkler, there are plenty of styles in all shapes and sizes that have this dropped halo design.


But if you've now got your heart set on Blake's bling, the great news is you can get your hands on an amazing replica on Etsy. It stars a pink sapphire rather than her rare pink diamond - so much more in a realm of budget we can get on board with!

Definitely one to bookmark for your boyfriends - or for that upgrade rock!