The results are in. According to The Durex Global Sex Survey of 2017, more than half of sexually active people in the UK are either 'very' or 'extremely' satisfied with their sex lives (a whopping 13% rise since 2011). 31.7 minutes is the average duration of sex in the UK, and only 58% of sexually active Brits are having sex weekly. Most importantly (and we're sure few of you will be surprised by this...), while 2 in 3 men nearly always orgasm through sex, just 3 in 10 women can say the same!

So, what does it all mean? Clearly, we're having more fun and expressing our sexual selves better than in 2011 (hooray!), but there are still some issues to be addressed. Let's get that 58% average up, let's make sex last longer and, last but certainly not least, let's get that measly 3/10 women up to at least... 5?!

We've spoken to the experts in the lingerie and erotic industries, and come up with some pretty sexy ideas for newlyweds. Use these 10 sexy ideas to keep newly wedded life spicy - and for many years to come.