If you're a true shoe lover, chances are you may have thought about your wedding shoes long before you even thought about your wedding dress (and maybe even before you got engaged).

Emmy Scarterfield, the Founder and Creative Director of Emmy London is one of these shoe lovers, and a veritable expert when it comes to wedding shoes. With the launch of her beautiful new collection Meadow Dreaming, we sat down with Emmy in her Fulham boutique to see her new designs and quiz her on her best wedding shoe tips.

Stay in your comfort zone

The most practical advice [when buying wedding shoes] is to stay within your comfort zone. And by that I mean, to stay within the heel height that is doable for you. Because your wedding is a long day and you are on your feet. And I think if your feet start to hurt, it can potentially ruin your big day. So it's important to stick to the shape and heel height you know and love. And if you start from there, you can then look at details and embellishments that match your look.

Bring a picture of your dress while shoe shopping

We tend to recommend brides bring a photo of their wedding dress and a swatch of the dress fabric if possible. Bringing the dress to go shoe shopping is probably not really realistic for many brides, because they're often being made to order, so a picture or a photo on their phone is more than enough.

Buy your wedding shoes before your first dress fitting

We encourage brides to come in and choose their shoes, so they will have them for their first fitting. Because the heel height really defines your posture and so the dress designer will want to know exactly what you're wearing.

Don't be afraid to personalise

We are seeing much more of a demand for customisation, ranging from changing heel heights, colours, details and also to making it personal to them with personal messages, dates, initials and things like that. The wonderful thing about that is, customisation is a really big part of our DNA. We started our business as purely bespoke and so we offer that service in our boutique and online.

If you're looking for something bespoke, we like to have about eight to ten weeks, because we have to source the materials or have the beading made especially for the bride.

Consider buying heels AND flats

We're currently seeing a trend towards brides buying heels and flat shoes as well. And often, the flats aren't so much to change into, because our heels are super comfortable and really amazing to dance in, but many brides wear their flats the day before, the day after or on their honeymoon.

Don't forget the mother of the bride

I think with mother of the bride, for us it's really about offering the perfect shape, heel height, silhouette and colour. We have a collection of what we call the ultimate court shoe. So it's a shape we've really pioneered to be the most comfortable shoe to wear for the duration. It's super chic, and we offer it in a variety of colours, perfect for the mother of the bride.