We are getting married end of October 2013 and would like a champagne & dusty pink colour scheme. However most websites recommend orange/yellow/red flowers for autumn - can we get the colours and flowers we like (I love peonies) and stick to what we like or should we go for autumnal colours?

5 Chelsea, Teddington


  • I'm getting married the same time in 2014 and I'm having dusky pinks and those kinds of colours. I've been to my florist and they've been great at picking out the right flowers for the season in these colours! Such as sweet avalanche roses and sweet lilac amnesia roses. :) Hope this helps!! Holly

    • Hollybirdsall
    • 28 June 2012
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  • A champagne rose would be beautiful. You could also have matching stationery - http://www.combossaweddinginvitations.co.uk/stationery-ranges/flowers/champagne-rose.html

    • Richard Ulph
    • 12 July 2012
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  • we were planning on our wedding around the same time and i love peonies too but my mum is a florist and unfortunately they are not in season then but we have been able to move ours forward but i am now having my bouquet made of talea and amensia roses with rosemary! the best thing is to source out a florist and explain everything possible and be open to all the options and not have your heart set on one flower as you can be surprised what you'll like toox

    • chloe
    • 17 August 2012
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  • Hi I think it is important to go with what you really want for your wedding and not with tradition or what is the 'done thing'. Peonies are tricky at the end of October, as they are not really in season. It is possible to get them, but you will find they are quite expensive. Have a chat to your florist, who will, i'm sure, recommend a host of dusky pink flowers. 'Aqua' Roses are a stunning shape in a beautiful shade... All the very best of luck ! kind regards Vanessa - ideas4weddingflowers.com

    • Vanessa
    • 30 October 2012
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  • As a florist, to have peonies in October would be difficult as they wont be in season. Your florist may well be able to order them via a wholesaler but most likely at high cost as they will have to be imported from warmer climates! Colour wise, you can still get dusky pinks at that time of year. Roses, of varying colours you can get all year round pretty much. Additionally, omething lissianthus come in gorgeous pink shades, so that may be an option. Perhaps also have the stems wrapped in a lovely pale pink ribbon to emphasise the hue. Your florist will be the best person to talk with about your options.

    • Holly
    • 21 June 2013
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