I've committed the mother of all beauty sins: this morning, at 7.12am, I exited my house WITHOUT MOISTURISER OR MAKE-UP.

Joe Hill

Why? Because over the past few days, anything I've put on my skin has slipped straight off the moment I step onto the tube, bus or even outside. It's just too darn hot right now, so this morning I went commando.
Unfortunately now that I'm sitting in an air-conditioned office, my cheeks are starting to pull a little and my forehead feels parched. All the colour has drained from my face and I look like death warmed up.

My thoughts go to all you lovely brides getting married in this heat. On the one hand, it's going to be sweltering, sticky and humid, so any moisturiser and make-up you apply will either slip, smudge or smear in the heat. On the other you need a little cosmetic oomph for your photos or you'll look washed out.
The solution? Weatherproof make-up, something I really should have thought to apply this morning.

The first essential product is a lightweight multi-tasking base, one that will provide hydration and a touch of peachy tint to even out your skintone. The best I've found is Chanel Hydramax + Active Moisture Tinted Lotion. It's moisturising enough to keep skin soft all day, it feels as light as a feather, smells delicious and looks fresh. Apply it like you would a normal moisturiser (I suggest a chickpea-sized amount) over the face and throat avoiding the eyelids, then wipe your eyebrows, hairline and mouth corners to prevent tell-tale orangey bits. Need a little more coverage? Take a big soft powder brush, drop some normal foundation into your palm, swirl it with the brush and apply it wear you need it. The brush feels cooler on the skin than hot fingers, and it'll stop you applying it too thickly.

For eye, lips and cheek colour, here's a tip: look out for the words 'Long-Wearing', not 'Long-Lasting'. It's a tiny detail, but can make all the difference. A few weeks ago, I was presented with Estée Lauder's new DoubleWear lipsticks (out this month) and found out an interesting regulation factoid: that for a product to be called Long-Lasting, 60% of it has to stay on the skin for 6hr. Meanwhile for a product to be called Long-Wearing, 80% of it has to stay on the skin for 8hr. Weddings are high maintenance, so these high performance products are a must. In fact, I highly recommend a trip to the Lauder counter to check out the entire DoubleWear gamut for every bride. Their eyeshadow crème pots are incredible: you have none of the powdery mess of an eyeshadow and they last all day long, plus they don't crease and the colours are stunning (and blendable).

Also for colour, check out Revlon's ColourStay collection at Boots and Superdrug. The new Ultimate Liquid Lipstick really does stand the test of time (during the launch at Nobu Berkeley, all the beauty editors were asked to perform a little experiment: to apply the product, eat lunch, sip plenty of water, then check their lips. The results were amazing - everyone's pouts were still perfect).Their concealer is excellent too.

Finally, for feeling fresh in the summer heat, ensure you wear your hair up, avoid that pre-ceremony glass of champagne (and anything that raises your heart rate) and drink as much water as possible. Keep a blotting tissue and pretty fan on standby with a bridesmaid (there's a lovely white lace one at www.hatsnstuff.co.uk in case of sweaty moment. After all, you want to look glowing... but not glowing buckets!