Easy does it: the secret to a great wedding!

I've just come back from THE BEST wedding I've been to in ages, and I'm so sad it's all over. I've been thinking of the reasons why it was such a great day: obviously the spectacular Scottish castle location, beautiful flowers, great food and drink all helped, but I think the most memorable moments were the simplest ones. The conviviality, the smiles, the peppering of silliness, the wonderful speeches, the gusto with which everyone danced and just the overall sense of love we all felt for the bride and groom.

For a start the couple, Will and Laura, looked fantastic: he in elegant top hat and tails, she in a stunning white and crystal-embellished gown, but their megawatt smiles are what I'll remember most. They giggled all day long without the merest hint of stress, which definitely rubbed off on all the guests as, when I stepped back and scanned the reception, every face was beaming. I really do think that if the bride and groom look like they're having a blast, it's contagious.

Another lasting memory is the epic quantity of laughter that was had. No, really, my ribs are still sore, and every time I sneeze/cough/stand up I'm reminded of some seriously funny moments. The first was during the outdoor ceremony: as Laura turned to face her groom and exchange vows, her pristine silver sparkly Gina heel dug itself firmly into the grass! She was stuck, and completely helpless until Will gallantly hoisted her out. From then on, it just got sillier and sillier. Bridesmaid Tash followed suit and got stuck too, but it was during the ring exchange so she couldn't draw attention away from the couple. So she stood there, giggling to herself, all alone, unable to move! Next came the speeches, filled with naughty (but nice) little secrets that had me in stitches (and floods of tears - either way, I was an emotional wreck!).

But the dancing was my highlight of the fun-filled wedding: aside from the classic Bon Jovi chanting, air punching and air guitar-ing, there was some hilarious, cringe-worthy breakdancing from one over-zealous guest. Throwing his arms and legs all over the place (in his suit), it was like watching an epileptic baby giraffe running on a treadmill. Everyone circled him and clapped, whooped and whistled while he threw his gangling body round to KLF's dulcet tones - it was priceless. At one point I had to peek between my hands for fear the ground would open up and swallow him into a pit of deep, dark shame, but it was too thrilling not to watch: this was pure wedding gold unfolding before my eyes! His final, climactic move? A rocktastic, preach-style knee-slide across the dancefloor to Laura's feet. I honestly haven't laughed so hard in my life. And I truly think such a funny scene would not have happened had we all not have felt so chilled out, so mischievous and excited, thanks to Will and Laura's hedonistic wedding aura.

Brides, take it from me, if you want a memorable wedding that your guests will talk about for years to come, let go, relax and HAVE SOME FUN!