Swine flu chic!

Well those are three words I never thought I'd string together...

That's right, it's all about pandemic pampering this week. Apparently sales of OPI's Swiss Guard Antiseptic Handwash Gel have trebled since the swine flu outbreak, confirming that the UK really is the most stylish nation in the face of virulent plague.

The little 30ml pink bottle (£2.35) is the hottest handbag must-have du jour, and since you don't need to mix it with water you can use it on the go, anywhere you want. Plus, if anything can prevent you and your groom from getting ill on your wedding day, it's worth a shot, right? In fact, it might be worth bulk-buying and giving one to each bridesmaid, usher, parent and family member to prevent any swine-y germs getting near you on your wedding week!

Grab one from your nearest OPI nail salon or online at www.lenawhite.co.uk