It's hard to stay motivated when you're trying to lose weight AND organise the wedding of the year. But fortunately help is at hand, in the form of The Camp, an intensive and rigorous week-long course with the aim of taking a dress size off all those who participate. Not for the faint-hearted, its ex-Special Forces instructors don't care that your feet only walk in heels, or you don't 'do' lunges.
But there is weight loss...inches of it to be had, and long-term friendships to be made. Based on military fitness and held at an isolated country estate in southwest Scotland, brides-to-be receive nutrition and fitness advice as well as a wide range of challenging activities over the week. Medically proved to be highly effective, with participants dropping pounds in a week, the course is perfect for those of us who struggle with early morning get-ups to squeeze in a run before work (you don't have a choice at The Camp). The instructors and nutritionists are all experts in their field and aim to prepare you for more long-term weight loss after you leave by significantly changing your diet and your fitness regime.