This week I'm poolside blogging: right now, I'm lying under a parasol in the Mexican sunshine at Las Ventanas in Cabo San Luca, having just finished a dreamy miniature fresh fruit ice lolly and about to jump in the pool for the billionth time today. It's hot. It's very hot. In fact by 7.30am it's 31 degrees. The husband is busy deep-sea diving with crazy Mexicans and the only dilemma of my day is what time I should order my first Margarita. I am in heaven!
Before jetting off, my glossy posse of adorable beauty PR girls ensured I was prepped, primed and protected with a selection of brilliant holiday treats to use from take-off to touchdown and poolside to barstool. Here's what's getting me through the week:

To inject a little glamour into a tedious flight, I took on board Crème de la Mer's Travel Kit. It contains mini sizes of their amazing eye cream, serum and radiant infusion, plus a generous pot of moisturiser, and it was a joy to use. I'm addicted to their face cream anyway, plus you can use it later on in the week to soothe an accidentally sunburnt nose (ahem) - after all, the cream was originally formulated to heal burns and scars. Read all about it here:

Suntan lotion in two or three varying factors is a good idea. I'm starting with 30, then as the week progresses I'll be heading towards 20 and 15. In my beach bag is UltraSun ( who specialise in all-day sports-level protection, plus Estée Lauder's delicious-smelling Bronze Goddess and Clarins Sun Care - both of which have a lovely gloss finish and don't leave that horrible titanium white residue.

Mascara is pretty much the only make-up item one needs on a hot beachy holiday, and this week's trip was the perfect time to test a new one out. Well, I'm going to make a big statement here so pay attention: Estée Lauder's new Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara is quite possibly THE BEST BRIDAL MASCARA IN THE WORLD. EVER. And I've tried them ALL. It doesn't flake, run or smudge, the brush is bristly (not plastic) so coats the entire circumference of each lash, lengthening them without clumps and basically making one's eyes look glorious and fluttery but not spidery. It's gorgeous and my new best friend. Annoyingly you can't buy it yet, but when it hits shops in a few months you'll be the first to know.

After showering off the day's chlorine, suntan lotion and sticky ice-lolly dribbles, it's time to rehydrate the skin. For body, I'm addicted to Neutrogena's new Body Balm and Guerlain Terracotta Soothing Moisturising Mist (the beautiful balmy fragrance is an ideal substitute for perfume). For face, Estée Lauder's new Hydrationist range is excellent (or use your Crème de La Mer travel pot, particularly if your room is air-conditioned). The only thing left to do: paint one's nails the colour of the sunset (go to for OPI treats) and order that cocktail!