I love this new website www.thetantalist.com - dedicated to 'fake' tanning. It's launched by my gorgeous friend James Read - the best spray-tanner in town who bronzes all us beauty editors, plus loads of celebs like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga.

Rex Features

His new project is the world's first tanning community website, where you can find out about the best shades for different skintones, get tips on application and maintaining your tan and see how real people on the streets of London are wearing their tans in a brilliant photo gallery. James advises on the best brands for the type of tan you want to achieve (he swears by St Tropez) and suggests a fresh new way of thinking about your tan to suit the seasons and fashion trends. If you've never had a spray tan before it's a great place to see tans in action on real people in broad daylight (rather than on glossy starlets in the glow of a fashion shoot) and read James' expert comments.

It's also great for seasoned tan pros too. Spray-tanned skin can sometimes look a bit flat and uniform in the plink of a camera flash and this site has definitely made me think about photographing myself before a big event in my outfit to see where I need tweaking - whether it's a touch of gleamy moisturiser on the shoulders or a bit of blusher to lift up the face - and if I need to tone down next time to suit the type of weather or lighting at the event.

Don't forget, James has answered all your tanning dilemmas in this fab Q&A HERE