It's our office Christmas party tonight and I've found the perfect way to take my eyes from daytime-blah to evening-bling. All you need is a black kohl eyeliner pencil with a good soft smudger on the other end. If your daytime wedding moves into the night, trust me, this is the simplest and quickest way to upgrade your look.

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- Close one eye and pull it gently out to the side with your finger, to leave a crease-free surface upon which to draw your eyeliner.

- Run the pencil over the lash roots on the top eyelid. You want to get as close as possible, so rather than draw one line try connecting little dashes together. It won't look perfect to start with but that's where the smudger comes in: gently blend the dashes so it looks like a smokey line.

- Next, lift and gently press your upper eyelid with your middle finger to expose the fleshy underneath of your lash rim. Rub the pencil along lash roots and over the fleshy bit. This creates a really intense frame along your upper lashes.

- As for the lower lashes, tread carefully here: too much liner and you're heading into Princess Diana territory! Take the smudger, which already has a small amount of liner on it from before, and gently stroke it through the lower lashes. It's a bit like adding mascara to your lower lashes without making them spidery.

- I wouldn't draw over the fleshy part of the inner lower lash. It makes the eyes look very small. And in any case, the eyeliner from the top fleshy lash line should transfer the perfect little amount to the lower part.

Voila - all done - and it only takes a couple of minutes!

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