We wouldn't encourage you to take a break from retail therapy unless it was something pretty special right? Like say, a pre-wedding pamper? A visit to Groom in Selfridges is an absolute must right now, as the 'gold' facial is a real treat with instant results. A sonic cleanse, nourishing face and eye mask (containing crushed pearls and caviar) and the DIBI Gold Performance, which indeed contains particles of gold - the treatment not only leaves you cleansed, massaged and rejuvenated, but your face literally glows. If you are going to treat yourself then why not go all the way and a book a manicure or pedicure while your visage is attended to.  And the final touch? Lip gloss, mascara and blusher - meaning you can assume the retail position looking fabulous. The Gold Standard Facial priced at £140.00 or £165.00 to include the eye mask