One big worry when I was practising my wedding make-up was that my eyeshadow and eyeliner would fade by mid-afternoon. Usually I don't mind that too much (I think there's something a bit sexy about melted shadow that's a little smudgy and sunken into the skin), but on your wedding day that's just not practical.
It had to last from the minute I stepped foot onto the aisle until (and beyond) my first dance, without the need for retouching because, quite frankly, I knew I would forget!

The best investment I made was an Eye Primer. Similar to a foundation primer, it's a cream made from microscopic silicone molecules that disappears into the skin and creates a barrier between you and your make-up, so it literally won't budge all day. The formula looks a bit like a concealer, but it's thinner and less pigmented so it brightens yours eyelids without looking cakey.

The one I used was Laura Mercier Eye Basics (at, and since then I've tried (and loved) ones from Urban Decay, Clarins, Bourjois and Dior's.

It's so easy to apply too: after putting on foundation or tinted moisturiser, simply massage a little blob of eye primer into each eyelid (and the inner eye corners to brighten them up). You can even use it underneath the eyes as a lighter alternative to concealer. Apply your eye-make-up as normal, and I promise it will look just as fresh, colourful and pristine when you take it off before bed!