Any kind of treatment that involves a lasting impression on your face is worth researching to find the very best specialist in that field: Botox and brow threading come to mind, and we reckon lash-extensions should be right up there on the list too.
In the past few months we've tried many different brands and salons and we've had some good times... and bad.
And here's the pattern: lashes done by recommended individual therapists have been long-lasting, natural-looking and comfortable, while lashes at department stores and brow bars have been stunning for the first two days, then gradually wonky, splayed in all directions and rough to the touch - and within a week you'll want to rip them all out.
SO, if you're going to invest in them, go to our top lash queens Daxita ( or Kathryn from Flutter Eyes ( Yes, they are both in London, but we've yet to hear of any other lash pros around the country so if you can recommend one, add it to the comment box below!

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In the meantime, if you're thinking of having them, click here to see the pros and cons we've gathered from our trials...