Thinking about getting eyelash extensions for your wedding day? Read these pros and cons from the Brides team first...

Joe Hill

- They look A-MAZING! They honestly make you look a millions times prettier
- You hardly need any other make-up
- They don't look obviously fake
- Everyone will stare at you wondering why you suddenly look more groomed, younger and... prettier
- They look super in photos
- They last a good two weeks so they will see you from wedding day through to honeymoon and catch-up party back home.
- No matter how tired/hungover/ill you are, you'll still look glamorous.
- Since they're glued individually, they drop out when the real eyelash they're stuck to naturally drops out.
- They boost your confidence: especially when you look in the mirror for the first time each morning ("Hmm, I'm not such a troll after all!" is a nice thought to start the day with)
- They are a godsend for those who are sensitive to mascara or who have very fine, few or straight lashes.

- If you choose a size too thick or too long, you'll look like Daisy the Cow
- It's a long treatment: expect to be flat on your back for an hour and a half.
- If you don't like people fiddling near your face and eyes, you'll hate this!
- It's pricey: a full set costs from £60.
- Once they start falling out after two weeks, you'll want to pick them all off. And if you do, you essentially pick out your natural lashes so your eyes will look bald and weird for a couple of weeks afterwards. NOT pretty!
- It's difficult to wear eyeshadow with them, as they make the lashes a bit dusty (tip: try a crème eyeshadow or eyeliner applied with a brush)
- Any time you try to have a grown-up conversation with someone, they won't be listening because they'll be mesmerised by your prettiness (ok, that's not such a bad thing!)

But overall, the general consensus is: WE LIKE. So give it a go and let us know what you think - write your comments in the box below!