It's awards time again (yippee!) with the Baftas and Oscars in full swing. I love spying on the hairstyles and I'm in awe of the flawless, polished make-up that seems to withstand everything from torrential rain to tropical heat.
The starlets' make-up is so beautifully applied: you'll never see a foundation tide-mark, a flake of mascara, a shiny nose or unstuck lash, let alone a blotchy red neck or spotty forehead. How do these make-up artists do it?
After last week's Baftas, Jackie Tyson (the resident make-up artist for X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent) got in touch and took me through two of her favourite looks from the red carpet.

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Claire Danes

'Emphasis was cleverly drawn to the lips with a gorgeous slick of satin-finish lipstick paired with toned-down eyes. All you need is a bit of iridescence to lift the brows and give them a sheen. Try Bella Pierre's Shimmer Powder in Champagne, a soft sparkle and aptly-named shade for the occasion (£12.99, Cover the lips with some of your chosen foundation to provide a base and to give the lippy something to cling to. Pick a lip liner in the same shade, outline the lips then fill in with the pencil, again to help create a base. The secret to long-lasting red lips is to build up layers of colour with a soft brush and blot after each application. I recommend Cosmetics a La Carte's long-lasting, deep, velvet red called Dr Rita Lip Queen, named after the eminent cosmetic Dr of the stars Rita Rakus (£18, or Dr Rakus Clinic, 020 7622 2318).'